With respect to the surface, rugby is a very similar sport to soccer. Both sports are contact sports and consequently need a surface that offers grip and is able to absorb impacts. However in rugby, 'flying' tackles are an important part of the game which means higher impacts occur. Because a rugby surface should offer even more protection than a soccer surface, it should meet the minimum required critical fall height of 1.4 meter. For traditional synthetic turf rugby pitches this is difficult to meet without exceeding the maximum requirements on shock absorption and deformation. A strict maintenance of the infill will be necessary to keep the critical fall height that high.

The ProPlay-Sport20 shock pad, combined with for example 60 mm pile height synthetic rugby turf, filled with approximately 20 mm of sand at the bottom and 20 mm of rubber at the top, all of the necessary requirements will be met, not only at installation, but also over the years!

For those who desire more, we have the ProPlay-Sport shock pad, which will give critical fall heights of more than 1.6 meter. Sometimes a traditional synthetic turf rugby surface needs just a minor increase of critical fall height. In this case, the ProPlay-EcoSport can be applied. This shock pad brings sufficient increase of critical fall height to meet the requirements, without pushing the shock absorption and deformation over the limit.

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