ProPlay HP40li

ProPlay-HP40li is designed as a sport technical layer for artificial turf sports fields. For a prompt installation, the ProPlay-HP40li is supplied as rolls of (max.) 75 meters in length and 1 or 2 meter(s) in width. ProPlay-HP40li is suited for liquid pads carrying pipes where a layer of crushed stone is placed between te had and the synthetic turf.

ProPlay-HP40li is applied in several different projects worldwide. A few of them are displayed below. For more details, please contact your account manager.

Project name City Country Application Year
Korsvoll IL Korsvoll Norway Soccer 2015
Football Salo Salo Finland Soccer 2015
Football Kotka Kotka Finland Soccer 2015
Grefsen Stadium Oslo Norway Soccer 2014
Linköping Arena Linköping Sweden Soccer 2013
Haugstbygd Hönefoss Norway Soccer 2010
Kaja Idrettanlegg Vinstra Norway Soccer 2010