ProPlay-HP23el is designed as a sport technical layer for artificial turf sports fields. For a prompt installation, the ProPlay-HP23el is supplied as rolls of (max.) 75 meters in length and 1 or 2 meter(s) in width. ProPlay-HP23el is suited for pads carrying electrical ribbons. The pad is placed directly under the turf.

Next to the necessary sport technical and heating characteristics, the ProPlay-HP23el has additonal (in-plane) drainage channels which ensure an adequate drainage of water in case the artificial turf system is build on a watertight non porous base.

ProPlay-HP23el is applied in several different projects worldwide. A few of them are displayed below. For more details, please contact your account manager.

Project name City Country Application Year
Raufoss IL Raufoss Norway Soccer 2014
Valle Hovin Idrettspark Oslo Norway Soccer 2013
Hafstadparken kunstgrasbaner Förde Norway Soccer 2012