The comfort of a cow is directly related to its health and milk yield. Our cow mattresses offer a high comfort, with still a high (foot) stability. Due to their unique composition they are very water permeable, yet they still act as a heat insulator. The mattresses are very durable, whether they are combined with a non-permeable or a permeable cover. Combined with the availability of different thicknesses and densities, this makes them usable in all mattress/bedding systems.


The shock absorbing properties of a traditional equestrian riding grounds comes from a combination of sand with additions in the form of, for example, pieces of carpet. These systems become compacted relatively quickly which hardens the layer of sand. Differences in shock absorption also occur because the additions will no longer be distributed evenly throughout the sand. These differences in shock absorption both increase fatigue as well as the risk of the horse getting injured. A riding ground which is too firm can cause tendon injuries. A equestrian riding grounds with the RecyTop-Horse pad combines high drainage with perfect shock absorption. The RecyTop-Horse pad enables an even shock absorption throughout the whole arena. The sand is not compacted as fast because of the springy nature of the RecyTop-Horse. It still provides adequate shock absorption, even if the sand becomes compacted. An advantage of applying RecyTop-Horse in an outside riding ground is that it will be usable within a few minutes after heavy rainfall, thanks to the drainage capabilities of the RecyTop-Horse. With the availability of different thicknesses and densities, this makes the RecyTop-Horse suited in for all horse arenas!